Residential Forest apartment C

綠意盎然的客廳  居住者的個性 / 屋主是一對年輕夫妻,我們以純粹的灰階色調為基礎,由櫃體、材料、個性、顏色、生活習慣等,拆解分析其必要的使用需求,將空間及居住者的性格與藝術感受結合,構築能與我們一同成長的房子。 試圖讓每一個住所皆能保有它的獨特性,讓綠意充斥,得以緩和彼此對於空間的不同想像。 讓家的魅力不再只是表面材料上的膚淺, 因為比起理性,我們更期待能賦予空間更多入住者的生活感受。

The forest apartment C is a minimal residence located in Taipei, Taiwan. The owners wish to have a cozy home whilst having a small corner as a working area. Our vision is to create a unique interior based on the physical condition and owners itself. In the beginning we started from analyzing the requirements, behaviors, personalities of clients, and tried to rearranged and reassembled the connection between different spaces and clients’ working and living activities. We implement greyish color as the major color tone with greenery plants, to provide warmth to the interior. As well as the furniture are made of different fabrics, rattan, and wood become an overlay of various textures to create a cozy atmosphere.