Residential W House

屋主來自內蒙古,大地、土壤是我們對於這個家的想像;空間中捨棄多餘的裝飾,讓生活成為空間的點綴。 在既有格局不變的條件下,我們首要解決單向採光的問題,透過公私領域的開口,讓各自空間沾染更多的光線,又不失隱私性;天花利用建物既有結構,劃下一道弧形引入柔光。 餐桌旁的平台輔助了廚房工作機能,隱藏在牆體後的是廚房、主人更衣間及小孩房,將原本兩間浴室重新劃分成一大一小,釋放了更多的空間給主臥室;而動線的排列為入口玄關引導至客廳,再連結到了圓形餐桌的端景,營造出空間層次。 材料佈局上,以灰色塗料作為基底,搭配較為沉穩的石紋及溫潤的木皮中和整體空間調性,再利用細緻的鐵件以及柔軟的布料為空間下最後一道妝。 The owner is from Inner Mongolia. Thus, the land and soil are our imagination of this home. We tried to discarded unnecessary decoration and keep it look simplicity, by using only 3 to 4 different grey-based color tone as our main materials. While remaining the existing partition and floorplan, the natural lighting is our primary problem to solve, as it has only one side window. We tried to cut a small area of the wall between living room and master bedroom, to bring in more natural light to the living room and enlarge the space visually. Furthermore, the curvy ceiling soften the existing structure of the building, trying to make the living room look bulky-less. The kitchen, master bedroom, and kid’s bedroom are both hidden behind the dark wooden wall, as well as rearranged two different size bathrooms. At the end of the wall, the cabinet beside the dining table create more space for kitchen function. In the material layout, the grey paint is used as our based color tone, matching with dark marble and dark walnut wood, collaborate with steel and greyish fabric as a low-key decoration in the space.